Mexico City the No.1 Place to Visit in 2016

The New York Times released its list of 52 Places to Go in 2016 yesterday. This is always an amazing list to check out and I love comparing it to the places I have been to.

Mexico City was actually one of my top destinations from last year and a city I will be returning to this year for my first ‘Mexican Wedding’, as one of my best friends is getting married.

Here are my top highlights from Mexico City and surrounding areas:

Visiting: Zócalo (the main square of Mexico City which features the Cathedral and Constitution Plaza), Bellas Artes, Frida Kahlo Museum, Paseo de la Reforma and doing an open bus tour through the Mexico City (a great way to see the city as there is so much traffic).

Views: Having a cerveza (beer) at Torre Latino and enjoying the views of Mexico city! Torre Latino is a skyscraper in downtown Mexico City and one of the city’s most important landmarks because of its central location and great views.

Drinking & Eating: Drinking a Mexcal cocktail at Puebla109.

Surrounding Areas: Visiting Taxco (a Magical Town aka Pueblo Magico) which has amazing Spanish colonial architecture and are very well known for their silver jewelry production.


For more info, places to see and things to see go to: Visit Mexico.


Turning Older

This week I turned 30. Now normally I’m not much of a birthday person and for the most part I try to avoid my birthday – but the problem with that is that is inevitable – it comes once a year. After spending on awesome BDay day with my good friend of mine who’s all about embracing her birthday earlier this year… I decided to try the opposite for my next birthday and also considering is was the BIG 30!!!

Well – it worked out awesomely, I didn’t just make a day out of it – I made a week out of it. First, I we went away with 16 of my friends to stay in a cabin in the woods near the town called Woodstock (yes, the famous 1960’s music festival). I had an awesome, somewhat drunken weekend with great friends, amazing food and lots of hot-tubbing. Then I had my actual birthday – which was really AWESOME! The day after I had a ‘friend’ take me out for dinner and he got the waiters at the restaurant to sing to me when they brought out dessert with a little candle. Lastly, on Friday I had some birthday drinks with my co-workers at Story Worldwide and some friends.

Now you ask – what’s it like turning 30? I’m not going to lie… I was damn scared – I think as a person and especially as a female you put these pressures on yourself of who you should be by 30 and what you should have accomplished. For me I was no where near that – still being single and 30, not quite being as far in my career as I would have liked to have been and while all my friends in South Africa own a home – I’m nowhere near that.

I the end though – I turned 30 and I’m living my dream, something even better than the life I had imagined. Living in New York, working for an awesome agency where I love my job and having an AMAZING group of friends that are like family to me. For me turning 30 has been liberating… and I don’t know exactly what it is about turning 30 but it’s actually kinda awesome! I felt more like myself than ever and I’m in my element.

Now more than ever I’m really looking forward to what my 30s has to bring….


Thanks to all the friends that made it super special!! I love you guys!!

“Blow out all the candles, blow out all the candles
“You’re too old to be so shy,” …
Just a young heart confusing my mind” – Daughter 

HappyBirthdayBirthday Card

Inspiration on the streets of New York City…

So last week, I had an awesome reunion with the Cancun Crew (the friends of mine whom I went with to Cancun during Spring Break last year) at my friend @SnrMiro‘s amazing rooftop on 200 Water Street in the Financial District. 


From the Freedom Tower to the Woolworth Building, the beautiful skyline of NYC.

Two of the crew @tommitozhao and @DustinAMcDonald walked me to the subway (what sweet boys). On our way we walked past these chalk inscribed inspiration quotes with the hashtag #Honschar. At first we didn’t stop, but by the third one we were really intrigued – so of course we ran back, whipped out our phones and Instagrammed the quotes with the Honschar hashtag to see what the deal was. 

The first quote we walked past was: “This Moment is more precious than you think.”


The last quote: “Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.”


Call it what what you want, but at that time these two quotes really resonated with me and what I was going through – which is, should I go or should I stay in NYC. This was one of those magic New York City moments, where you remember why you moved to New York City in the first place. They left me #happy inside. 

So apparently Honschar according to his Instagram profile is a ‘SideWalk Chalkstar’ and he’s has been going around leaving inspirational quotes all over New York City’s sidewalks. So if you find yourself lucky enough to step over his artwork – take that moment and remind yourself why you love New York City. 

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields

New in New York

New in New York


Live in New York once…


Make you Mark! #Honschar #NewYork


People sleeping on the subway

So as we can all admit the subway in New York is apparently a great place to have a nap… don’t lie we’ve all be there sitting down, standing up – closing our eyes… whoops our bad we missed our stop! Well apparently I’m not the only one who enjoys a good sleep on the subway so for the past couple of months I have being my weird normal self and taking stalker-ish pictures of people sleeping on the subway. Here are a couple of the more memorable ones: You always have the best sleep when it’s completely dark but when you don’t have a sleeping visor with you a hoody will do!

Sleeping On the Subway

…better than a sleeping visor!

Some days, the days in New York are just too long!

Sleeping On The Subway

Long day at work

Sleeping on the Subway

Lady on the right is thinking “I’m bored and tired”

                  …and the best yet – those who didn’t even make it onto the subway!

Sleeping on the subway

Going nowhere slowly…

I also thought you could categorize the ‘Subway Sleeping’ according to sleeping positions: This one brings a new meaning to ‘sleeping with each other’!

Sleeping on the subway

The “Lean-on-each-other” sleep

For a comfy subway sleep it’s best to have something to lean against.

Sleeping on the subway

The “Lean-on-rail” position

Sleeping on the subway

The “Lean-on-wall” position

                Surprisingly guys sleep better with their hands in between their legs… even on the subway!

Sleeping on the subway

The “Hands-between-the pants” position

Sleeping on the Subway

The “Hands-between-the-pants” position

                  This one I can’t take credit for… but it’s definitely a classic one – this picture is from AsleepOnTheSubway.Tumblr, a Tumblr dedicated solely to people sleeping on the subway!

Sleeping on the subway

The “Lying-down” position

Hope you enjoyed and this post didn’t make you fall asleep, but if you do indeed need to nap – the subway is the place to do it!! …Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Leadership from a Cross-Cultural Perspective

Last year for my C-Suite Perspective: Leadership & Integrated Marketing class we received an assignment to do a presentation on a list of topics – I choose “Compare & Contrast Leadership from Two Different Cultures”. I honor of Martin Luther King Day I thought it would be great to broach this topic again.

For my presentation I looked at two very iconic, yet very different leaders from two different sets of culture. The cultural perspective included Individualism (prominent in the US, Canada & Western Europe) and Collectivism (prominent in Asian, Latin American & African nations), also known as the I/C spectrum. Let’s see if you can guess who they are?


Leader # 1

He was an unquestionable legend, innovator and visionary in his own right. He has been described as a “master of innovation”, a “design perfectionist” and the “Father of the Digital Revolution”. He was “futurist” with a cult-following.

Adopted at birth, a college dropout, known to experiment with drugs and even at one-stage denying his paternity to his own daughter, a controversial figure at times. He has played many roles in his life as co-founder, chairman, and CEO of various industry-changing companies. He was kicked out of his own co-founded company and brought back later to bring it from near bankruptcy to profitability. He is no longer with us, but has left his mark on the world, forever changing it.

Leader # 2

A revolutionary, a troublemaker, a peacemaker and symbol of freedom. A man who changed a country forever and united a country when it seemed impossible. A man who fought for liberty and justice, a man who changed they way we perceived the world. He is the smiling symbol of sacrifice and rectitude, revered by millions as a living saint. The leader of once-divided nation, an advocate for world peace and a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Born of royal origins which he later denounced, born to illiterate parents and became lawyer by trade. He played many roles in life from royal son, to lawyer, to commander of a military wing, to political traitor, to President. He is the father of six children and the grandfather of 23 grandchildren. He is no longer with us, but has left his mark on the world, forever changing it.

Both of these leaders I consider as Transformational Leaders, defined as someone who “Brings about major, positive change for the group, organization or society.”

Leader # 1 = Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Intense, passionate, extreme emotionalist, perfectionist, A-Type, Impatient, Confident, Charismatic, persistent, bold, ruthless, assertive and enthusiastic.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

“People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” – Steve Jobs

THE CULTURE OF i …centered around Independence and Idiocentrism aka “I am who I am because of who I am”.

Leader # 2 = Nelson Mandela 

Nelson Mandela

Humble, Compassionate, Dignified, Trustworthy, Inclusive, Sensitive, Patient, Confident, Warm, Enduring, Courageous, Kind, Courageous, Forgiving, Inspirational

“It’s a mistake to think that a single individual can unite the country” – Nelson Mandela

“In Africa there is a concept known as ubuntu – the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we accomplish anything in this world, it will in equal measure be to due to work and achievement of other.”  – Nelson Mandela

THE CULTURE OF we …centered around Interdependence and Allocentrism. aka African Philosophy of UBUNTU  = “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

It is interesting to look at these two leaders and compare the leadership style and see how they were profoundly influenced by their cultural context. What is more interesting is that there is not necessarily a right or wrong when looking at the theses very different leadership styles.

A tribute to these two great leaders:

My Brand Identity

These days ‘Branding Yourself’ plays an increasingly important role in the job hunting process. You need to craft, execute and maintain your ‘Online Brand Identity’. You really need to sell yourself, and just doing it the old fashion way i.e. sending your Resume via email just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore (unless its Amaz’ing). My Search Professor and Head of Search at Profero, Matthew Capala, recently wrote a blog posts on Medium about ‘finding your extra‘, in reference to Thomas Friedman’s Average is Over article in the New York times. Capala talks about how online entrepreneurship can be an opportunity to create your competitive advantage and stand out in the job market.

Now we know that you can’t be average, but the question is how do you craft your brand identity online in a way that stands out and truly reflects who you are? Well as a Strategist I love to ‘craft strategy’ and for our Digital Marketing project last semester we had to do just that:

So here is an example of building a personal brand identity, by using my brand identity:

What is your Brand Essence? The heart and soul of your brand, the core of your being.

  • My Brand Essence: Wild Curiosity

What is your Brand Personality? Your distinctive character and the way you inherently behave.

  • My Brand Personality: Creative, Curious, Confident, Energetic, Sociable, Young at Heart

What is your Brand Origin? Where you come from and how that impacts your understanding of the world.

  • My Brand Origin: Living and learning in New York City (the Ad Capital of the World, the place where ‘If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. South African born. Lived and worked in Cape Town (the Creative Capital of Africa).

What is your Brand Tone? The manner and voice in which you address your audience in.

  • My Brand Tone: Genuine, Down-to-earth, Educated, Informed, Quirky.

What is your Brand Positioning? A succinct articulation of what you want to be know for and remembered by.

  • My Brand Positioning: Creative Thinker and Strategist.

Your Social Media handle? Putting a name to yourself, across all social and digital channels.

  • My Social Media Handle: @LishKapish

Kapish – Kapish is formally spelled as capisce (pronounced cah-­‐peesh) which is derived from the Italian word capire “to understand” and from the latin capere “to grasp or to seize”. It is now used in American slang to say “got it or “understand” (Source: Urban Dictionary). 

LishKapish is actually the nickname that was given to me by a fellow colleague at BBDO in Cape Town. Yes, it rhymes so that’s awesome but “to understand” the world is what makes me tick. It is why I love being a Strategist – I seek to understand human behavior, discover insights and craft brand strategy.

@LishKapish would love to work for you: Please Email me! 

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 1.04.44 AM


I continue to be surprised by all my Weird and Wonderful New York moments… So here are the some of the most recent and memorable:

“Lady in Red”

Red Hot Subway

Looking Red Hot…

They say New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world… ummm, yeah I think red might be trending this season – “Lady in Red” looking spicy hot like a chili!


Creepy guy Union Square

Sure you are…

I’m not sure who is creepier… the creepy guy in Washington giving ‘free hugs’ who doesn’t smell that well (yes, I took a free hug) and apparently got arrested lately or this SUPER creepy guy apparently “Not checking out hot girls at Union Square”, yeah buddy I believe you!!

“Street Sleeping”

Passed out in the street Passed Out NYC

Yip, so they say New York is the ‘city that never sleeps’ …I would like to beg to differ and present the above as evidence. Both of these photos were taken during the day and these guys were properly passed out!! The one on the left was full-on snoring and the one on the right had a long string of drool hanging from his month, they looked like they were thoroughly enjoying their daytime nap!

“Clowning Around”

Clown Balloons MTA 

I’m not kidding… people literally take anything on the subway. Enough said.

“Talk to Me”

NYC Conversation

And they say New Yorkers aren’t friendly?!? I say… what?!? …Look at these nice New Yorkers on their inflatable couch offering ‘free conversation’ …for an expensive city I would say this is a pretty good deal!

“I work out” 

Speedo NYC

So I might have saved the best for last but this was seriously classic!! One Saturday afternoon while walking through Chelsea… my friend @vicky1253 and I saw this guy doing his daily workout… on the street, ok a little bit strange… then as we got closer it got even weirder – YIP!!… He is in a speedo, working out on the street!? Most likely working out to the song “I’m sexy and I know it.” We decided to divert our course to avoid direct interaction, so we crossed the street but obviously this was too good not to capture! So the best part: I stopped to take a picture and as we looked back (yes, giggling) he gave us the finger!! haha, seriously?! If you are going to be working out in the middle of the street in your SPEEDO be prepared to be mocked, even for New York that’s a little strange – haha, just joking! New York, you never not what you are going to see around the next bend!